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Not as easy as I thought. I lost 1/2 hour today trying to upload an autobiographical paper I wrote last year on (In)visible difference (see in “About” page). I tried (not very hard) to publish it because I thought it makes an interesting point.I wonder if anybody will read it and send me comments? I suspect I’m not very able to judge it myself.


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I get upset so often at the news that I tend to forget the specifics of what got me upset in a few days. Last week for example, I was moved enough that I thought about a post on this site. Now 5 days later I have forgotten what precisely got me upset except that it was about genocide, another obfuscation, wordplay about culpability and total cynicism. Well that says a lot about how often I notice news like that (almost everyday, what a cheering thought!) and how much I am just like anybody else in my reaction to information: “How awful! ” then I move on. And yet “Move on” are some of my most hated 2 words phrase, precisely because such an attitude of inattention helps reproduce the very horrors we shy away from.

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Hello world!

I have wanted a blog for a while, mostly because I often visit some who provide new  insights about topics I am interested in. Not being that good with technology, I was delighted to use the opportunity offered by WordPress.

Thanks to my job (academic researcher and teacher) I have accumulated a number of almost rants about topics close to my heart such as: Racism, genocides, Islam in the West, heroism & gender, utopias & related catastrophes, etc, etc…

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